Saturday, 23 June 2012

Gardener's World

I am not an avid TV watcher and the very few TV programmes I do watch are usually watched via catch-up TV. One of the very few programmes I do take the time to catch at its transmission time, however, is Gardener's World - which is strange considering that the programme always leaves me with an air of disappointment.

The trouble, in my view, with Gardener's World is that it is too formulaic and seems to cover the same themes and plants time and time again. What I would like to see are Gardener's World specials, thirty minute programmes devoted to certain themes and garden specialities. The odd episode devoted to windowsill gardening, sacred plants, cacti etc. would certainly go down a treat :o)

Anyway, despite these issues, I do like Gardener's World and so it was a bit of a treat for me and Mrs. Magickal Gardener to venture up to Birmingham to attend the Gardener's World Live 2012 event.

Although, like the TV show itself, there was little evidence of entheogenic and folklore-rich lants on display or for sale at the even, and the fact I was suffering from an horrendous cold at the time, we had a cool time wandering around the various stalls and even got to see The Don himself :o)

Here are some pics I took of the event:

A Gardener's World Bottle Tree

Monty Don

A Knitted Garden :o)

An Insect-Eating Plant

A Barrow Full of Veg

A Variety of Cacti

Mrs. Magickal Gardener was well pleased with the rather hefty (in weight lol) purchases she made at the show and whilst my buys were a little lighter, I was very happy with my small packets of Burdock and Nasturtium 'Moonlight' I returned home with :o)

Resting Up My Poor Feet For a Moment
at Gardener's World Live 2012